“Lions and tigers and bears oh, POP!… I meant to do that”
Balloons are colourful, exciting and bring joy to both young and old. There is no limit to your imagination with balloons “unless they pop” but don’t worry I have more.
With my imagination tubes (Balloons) the fun is only a twist away. With a fun interactive style of balloon twisting your experience is truly “Comedy With A…..Twist”

Just The Facts

  • Twisting experience is approximately 60 Min (up to 15 people)

  • recommended for kids 3 and up

  • Please contact for pricing


If you are a Harry Potter fan...You're in luck...'Cause I've seen all the movies too!
What to expect with an Imaginary Gary magic show? I will tell you...In the tune of "my favorite things"
Sponge Balls and thumb cuffs and cups made of plastic
Balloon Dogs and hankies and cards that will vanish
Stand in the middle, balloon spinning ring
these are a few of my magical things
...Ok so the words don't rhyme...But now the song is stuck in you head...You're welcome.


Behind the Curtin

  • Magic Show runs approximately 45 minutes

  • Show includes interactive comedy and lots of fun

  • Walk around magic is available upon request

  • Please contact for pricing

sheldon and gary

Do You Have Monsters Under The Bed? We do and they are awesome…
Monsters under the bed is an interactive puppet show where the audience learns the tricks of the trade “so to speak.”

Talk To The Hand

  • Show runs approximately 60 Mins

  • Show includes a variety of puppets and games

  • Birthday child receives special gift from Imaginary Gary

  • Show recommended for 3 yrs and up

  • Please contact for Pricing


Imaginary Gary is a fun loving, party starting , hand talking, balloon twisting, magical imaginary friend...That everyone can see.

"Comedy magic that pulls a giggle out of the hat"

"Balloon art that pops in your heart...not in your hands"

"Makes talking with a sock on your hand fun...not stinky"

Imaginary Gary is the brain child of Actor/Comedian Jamie Rallison, with over 15 years in the entertainment industry ( the last 5 entertaining kids & family audiences) Jamie has the know how and experience to make your party or event .... "Something to talk about for years to come!"

Imainary Ga (2)


Kid show energy...Adult fun 

45 minute comedy magic show that will make you feel like a kid again

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